How Motorcyclists Can Reduce the Chances of a Motorbike Accident

May 24, 2019

How You Can Prevent a Motorbike Accident

It’s no secret that motorcyclists are at danger on the roads more than any other road user. In fact, we recently published an article which revealed that they are 62 times more likely to suffer a fatal accident than car drivers. The small size and shape of motorbikes makes the vehicle a more hazardous form of transport. But despite the negative aspects of riding a motorbike, there are ways to avoid collisions and limit serious injuries.

From innovate LED helmets to high-visibility clothing, there are several ways you can improve your safety on the road. We have created a list of some of the best ways to reduce the chances of a motorbike accident.

LED Helmets

If you are a motorcyclist then it should be a priority of yours to purchase a helmet and wear it at all times while riding. It is law to wear a safety helmet that meets the British safety standards and it should provide adequate protection for your head. To increase your visibility to other road users, it’s recommended that you purchase a light coloured helmet. Like most products, helmets will deteriorate through wear and tear over time. Different manufacturers will provide separate recommendations for when it’s time to find a replacement. One of the latest technology advancements we are seeing make its way to the industry is the introduction of an LED light system to helmets. One idea by New York-based designer Joe Doucet uses such a system to communicate intentions to other drivers. The bottom section of the helmet changes colour based on the current situation. For instance, the colour will change to red when the motorcyclist brakes and glows white during normal riding conditions.

High-Visibility Clothing

Legally, the only protective clothing that a motorcyclist must wear is a helmet. However, it is still their responsibility to improve visibility as necessary and failure to do so may result in a challenging compensation claim should an accident occur. Equipping yourself with high-visibility, reflective clothing can help other road users see you and will result in a stronger case should a vehicle collide with your motorbike. This point is an even more important one to follow when light and weather conditions are drastically reduced. You should consider wearing long pants and sleeves made of thick material to reduce the impact of an accident. Gloves and durable boots are also recommended.

Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions is an extremely important responsibility for any person driving a vehicle. It is especially critical that motorcyclists retain full concentration at all times. Losing control of a motorbike is much easier than a four-wheel vehicle and failure to regain control in time can lead to serious consequences. Distractions can come in many forms. It should go without saying that you should not use your phone while driving. Even if you have a hands-free system, anything that can distract you from concentrating on the control of your motorbike can lead to an accident. You should also avoid listening to music, eating or smoking. While the law may be open to interpretation in some cases, the police will charge you on the basis of whether they feel you were distracted or not.

Assume Others Can’t See You

A common theme of motorbike accidents involves whether or not other road users can see you. Car drivers may be unable to see you in their mirrors and the risk is even greater for drivers of larger vehicles such as vans and lorries. You should do everything that is reasonable to increase your visibility to other drivers. As mentioned earlier on, this could be in the form of introducing reflective elements to your clothing or even your motorbike. Use your headlights where appropriate to ensure other drivers can see you. As a motorcyclist, you should remain vigilant at all times. Avoid driving in the line of blind spots and always prepare yourself for the possibility of other drivers being unaware of your presence, especially when they’re changing lanes or exiting junctions.

Keep Your Motorbike Maintained

Keeping your motorbike properly maintained is an important responsibility. The vehicle should be in good working condition and not have any faulty elements which could potentially cause serious complications for yourself or other road users. You should regularly check that the tires, breaks, lights and exhaust system work as intended and meet the road safety requirements. Correct maintenance will not only reduce the possibility of an accident but will save you money in the long run.

View Our Motorbike Compensation Calculator Guide

The above steps may help reduce the possibility of an accident happening or limit the seriousness of any injuries, but they won’t completely remove the threat. If you have been involved in a motorbike accident, opening a claim for compensation can help reduce the financial burden and help you come to terms what has happened. Visit our motorbike accident compensation calculator to see an estimate of what you could receive for your motorbike injuries.