Cycle Deaths in London 2015

June 27, 2018

Rise of Cyclist Deaths in London

A cycle accident fatality occurred in central London on 9th April 2015 when a female cyclist had her front wheel crushed under a lorry near Lambeth Bridge. It had been reported that the accident was the fifth cycling death in London at the time of the incident with all deaths said to be caused by lorries. It appears the main reason is the “blind spots” and size ratio of a cyclist as compared to an HGV.

An eyewitness is said to have seen the lorry stop near a roundabout at the junction of Bridge and Milbank. Police and paramedics were called to the scene of the accident but the female cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Earlier that year a female cyclist and mother of two were killed cycling on a Boris Bike near Victoria, again the tragic death involving a lorry.

Compensation for London Cyclists

As cycling accident solicitors, we understand no amount of compensation for a cycle accident is enough and indeed not a priority to the family and friends left behind. However, by taking action, every single fatal accident claim will add to the overall pressure for the government to clear up our road and make them safer.

With the family taking expert legal advice with us, we will ensure that the truth of what happened is revealed and criminal, as well as civil compensation claims, are taken seriously against the other party and insurance companies. We operate on a national basis, covering London and other cities throughout the UK. Use our cycle accident compensation calculator for an indication of how much each cycle injury could be worth.