Bus Driver Forced to Make an Emergency Stop

June 27, 2018

A bus driver has been forced to perform an emergency stop in an attempt to avoid colliding with a motorcyclist approaching a roundabout.

A passenger of the bus sustained an injury to his lung together with breaking four of his ribs when he was forced to the floor as a result of the manoeuvre. The injured passenger is said to receive a £10,000 compensation payout from the bus company as he states he ‘almost died’ from the stop.

The passenger said:

“The lady sitting next to me said the driver was trying to get onto a roundabout ahead of a motorbike when he suddenly slammed the brakes on. My consultant Dr Dominic Macleod has written a letter supporting my claim for compensation saying my injuries were ‘potentially life-threatening and of a serious nature. I still find it hard to stand up and I have a pain in my groin when I walk.”

Investigations of the bus company are underway and the injured passenger is said to be in talks with his motorbike accident solicitors.