A 72 Year Old Biker Received a Six-Figure Accident Compensation

August 16, 2019

At Motorbike Accident Claims we often have clients immediately ask us how much they could claim for a motorbike accident before we know the full facts. The truth is, while we have a useful motorbike compensation calculator guide, there are so many different factors that affect how much you could be eligible to receive. For this reason, it can be difficult to even provide an average payout amount.

In this compensation example we will talk about how one claimant was able to receive a six-figure payout as a result of his motorbike accident. As reported by the Lincolnshire Live local newspaper, Michael Jackson, aged 72, received life-changing injuries in September 2017. A retired bus driver, the motorcyclist was participating in a charity bike ride through the village of Langtoft. Jackson approached a crossroad but suffered a motorbike accident when a car driver did not stop at the junction.

Jackson has described how he couldn’t move his left leg immediately following the accident and, in his own words, ‘it was literally hanging on by a thread’. While surgeons tried unsuccessfully to save his leg, eventually it had to be amputated below the knee leaving him confined to a wheelchair.

After appointing a solicitor firm to pursue a compensation claim against the car driver, he was awarded a six-figure sum. The motorcyclist used his compensation payout to purchase an adapted bungalow which helped improve his mobility. This is a perfect example of how reckless driving can cause serious injuries to a motorcyclist but also how important compensation is for allowing the victim to move on with their life in the best way they can.