4 Most Common Bike Accidents – Voted by Solicitors

September 10, 2020

This video provides an animated version of the four most common cycle accidents on UK roads today. From our experience as cycle accident solicitors, these were voted as our top four. There are many other bike accident types, but we whittled it down to these four.

The four accidents are:

  1. Motor vehicle pulling out of a side road onto a main road, causing a collision
  2. Motorcycle, overtaking a stationary line of traffic, and a motor car pulls out of side road
  3. Motorcycle swerves to avoid collision with a motor vehicle pulling out of a side road
  4. Motorcycle swerves to avoid collision with motor vehicle encroaching onto cyclist lane

There are many other instances such as undertaking, overtaking and opening of doors causing a collision. If any apply to you, please get in touch with the motorcycle experts.

Other Cycle Accident Examples

Following a cycle accident, there then follows an injury. This can range from minor to serious. We can advise you on all types of bike accidents where the cyclist has sustained injury. Whilst the video portrays a motorbike, the same common cycle accident applies to pedal bikes, particularly pulling out of a side road: see cycle accident types. More illustrations showing the mechanics of bike accidents and blame/negligence allegations against the driver can be found on this link: bike accident types.

5 Most Common Cycle Injuries on UK Roads

With regret, following a cycling accident, usually with a motor car, serious injuries often follow. As our Senior Solicitor, Mr Ronnie Hutcheon points out where you have a CAR v CYCLE collision, the cyclists will always come off worse in terms of injuries. There is a metal cage to protect the occupants of the motor vehicle, there is no protection afforded to the cyclists. The cyclist will usually take a trajectory that will cause the cycle and rider to hit the road or pavement or an obstacle before eventually coming to a halt.

The injuries can be minor, but also catastrophic that can lead to life-changing injuries, from head to leg injuries. As cycle accident solicitors we have provided the 5 most common injuries sustained by cyclists in road accidents, see link: 5 most common cycle injuries on UK Roads

5 of the Most Common Motorbike Injuries & Fractures

What are the allegations of blame?

When solicitors draft up legal documents to commence proceedings, they have to put together a list of reasons why the other driver is to blame or in legal terms, ‘negligent.’

The most common allegations that will be put are as follows:

  1. Failed to keep a proper lookout
  2. Failed to stop at a junction
  3. Pulled out of a junction when it was unsafe to do so
  4. Failed to take heed of the give way markings controlling the junction
  5. Drove too fast
  6. Failed to manoeuvre their vehicle so as to avoid a collision
  7. Failed to sound their horn or make other suitable warnings so as to avoid a collision
  8. Caused the said collision by failing to stop at a road junction

If there are more unusual facts of how the accident occurred, then the above allegations of blame will be drafted accordingly. Once put to the other driver, their insurance company or solicitors will reply to advise if blame or liability is admitted or denied.

If denied, they will usually put an alternative view of how the accident happened. They may even blame the cyclist in whole or in part for the accident which will give rise to a possible counterclaim against the cyclist. If this occurs, the cyclist must provide to the other driver’s representatives his/her insurance cover provision so that the insurers can take instructions from the solicitors on how to deal with the counterclaim. This is why it is important that all pedal cyclist should have insurance cover. All motorbike cyclists must have insurance cover to ride on UK roads in any event.

If you would like any advice or wish to make a claim, please get in touch with the bike accident solicitors. For more information on the types of damages that you could receive following an accident, feel free to make use of our cycle accident compensation calculator.