Accident on bike – Compensation Solicitors

Accident on bike – Compensation Solicitors

Motorbike claims solicitors help victims of cyclist who have been injured on the road due to no fault of their own.  The accident usually relate to motor car drivers who fail to appreciate the vulnerability of cyclist on the road.

Cycle accident claims

The issues surrounding cycle accident claims are essentially the same as motorbike accident claims.  The injuries are just as serious and the accident circumstances are similar, just at less speed, as you would expect.









Cycle accident compensation

As a result of a road accident involving a bike, the injuries can be from minor to serious or even give rise to a fatal injury claim.

The impact on the cyclist and his/her family can be life changing but even if the injury is relatively minor it can still have an enormous impact on day to day living.  Having to take time off work, police interviews, witness statements, blame and counter blame, going to hospital (and waiting for hours) going to the GP (and waiting for hours).  Time much better spent productively than wasting your time and the hard pressed NHS.

This is were the motorbike claims solicitor are here to help.  We will take the statements, liaise with the police if required and get you medically examined by PRIVATE MEDICAL DOCTORS.

Then end result is that we have specialist who will help to minimise the pain and suffering, speed up the claim process and obtain maximum compensation for your cycle injuries claim and losses including damage to your bike, loss of earnings, medical expenses and other losses.

Motorbike claims solicitors – here to help

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Posted: December 2, 2017 at 7:20 am